Have a group of friends who went out into the wilds and found and old ruin? Want to show that ruin to others? Maybe build a base there? Put a request for the new location here, and the staff will look into it. The more details the better!

This is where you request a staff's help making a ruling. We try to keep the rules simple and easy to understand, but if there's confusion about which of two sides should win (or issues with too many sides in a fight), then this is where you ask about it.

This is where you ask for a mod in a thread, for purposes of NPCs or just "out wherever" kind of stuff. You MUST request a mod within a week of creating the thread you want modded (link it in your request), so that things can run smoothly. This is also where you post requesting a staff to look at your bio. If after 2 days your bio hasn't been dealt with, post here.

Modded Thread Request by King May 24, 2014 4:04:47 GMT -6

If you need help with anything that doesn't fall under the the above boards, then this is where you ask. This does NOT includes issues with another member (If you have a problem with another member, PM staff).

Mobile Users Bank/Data by LightTogekiss Jun 5, 2014 19:02:03 GMT -6

Need a new move? Well good news copy the form, create a new thread here, then simply sit back as staff judge your moves. Once the moves are approved they will be moved under your character's stats.

Vetina Movelist by Vetina(Rippah) May 30, 2014 15:36:01 GMT -6

This is where requests that have been dealt with are moved to.


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