Deep in the Digital world's Forest area are the ruins of Gerrant's home. A large wooden cottage used to stand there but now it is nothing but a pile of dead wood moss and ash. some of the construct still stands despite it's status. Many wild digimon still roam here to this area in search for shelter but a mysterious digimon keeps scaring the others away if they stay for too long. Those who have attacked the shelter have not gone unpunished. This is also the lair of the mysterious digimon that protects the village.

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A small unique section in the eastern side of the forest that is a forest full of different wild life and flowers. Tree's of all colors and assortments lie here and deep inside rests a village hidden in the foliage. In another section Lies a ruined cottage that is still habitable. It is covered in holes with sections torn down into rubble but still habitable.

The Forest

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